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Importance of Voting

When I was a young voter, I am now in my 60’s, and heard people say, “My vote doesn’t really count,” and analyzing that statement repeatedly. I have gone back and forth in my thinking on the subject, “Does my vote count?” Well the conclusion I have come to is that everyone that can vote (and the percentage is really lacking in numbers as I look at the number of votes in each county across California), get registered to vote and vote each time there is a chance to vote. You will make a difference because everyone is thinking their vote does not count and it does not if they do not get out and vote. I think

Be informed about each item that will be on the ballet is of real importance when voting. Take the time to read more than the pros and cons that appear on the sample ballet that is sent to you a month ahead of the voting date. This is not enough of an in depth value to make a good decision. We all have the tendency to wait until the last moment but think about how many times you are on the internet looking up other things like Facebook, Pinterest, and other fun things. Instead, take time, an hour, just to look up, read, and understand where the non-vote has our country headed.

For Freedom’s sake!

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