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You Have to see this Video and pass it on!

I promise you, if we can get this video VIRAL and get this message to the masses, we will WIN on November 8th. pic.twitter.com/IAPxtuA7J1 — #Donald J. Trump (@P0tUSTrump) October 15, 2016

Importance of Voting

When I was a young voter, I am now in my 60’s, and heard people say, “My vote doesn’t really count,” and analyzing that statement repeatedly. I have gone back and forth in my thinking on the subject, “Does my vote count?” Well the conclusion I have come to is…

A Pledge Allegiance

“We The People” pledge to the symbols the American Flag represents for decades. It is up to each new American generation, no matter which political party they might affiliate with to carry on this pledge to make sure the freedoms for each generation can enjoy what our fathers and mothers…

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